CAP HSSV Power Tune kit (for all Seneca Big Bore models)

CAP HSSV Power Tune kit (for all Seneca Big Bore models)

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This power tune kit includes:

  • Patent Pending Hyper-Sonic Sleeve Valve assembly
  • CAP Arms replacement 50 cal barrel adapter
  • Precision machining instructions and tolerances for modification to factory casting and pressure tube.
  • If you want to have us do the machine work for you, make sure you add the CNC machine work AND Final Assembly and Testing to your Cart prior to checkout.


CAP Patent Pending technology, when installed in the famous Dragon Claw enables two to three times more performance than factory.

CAP Dragon Specifications:


 Caliber                                      .50"

Max Velocity

1300 fps

  (184 grain round ball)

Muzzle Energy

800 ft/lbs

  (385 grain Hornady bullet)

Loudness                                5‐High

Barrel Length                         21.65"

Overall Length                       42.1"

Shot Capacity                         1

Barrel                                      Rifled

Front Sight                              Blade & Ramp

Rear Sight                               Adjustable for windage & elevation

Scopeable                               11mm dovetail

Buttplate                                 Rubber

Suggested for                        Large Game Hunting

Trigger Pull                             7.5 lbs

Action                                       Bolt‐action

Safety                                       Manual

Powerplant                            Pre‐charged pneumatic (3000 PSI - 207 BAR)

Function                                  Single‐shot

Body Type                                Classic Hunting Rifle Fixed/adj. power                 High Power and Low Power Weight                                     8.5 lbs

Cylinder Size                          500 cc